Special Days are Here so Come Shop!

       Special Days at MSCH Thrift Store!
Remember to mark on your calendar November 24th!

You will be “thankful” that you did because it is our Black Friday Sale.  You will find special sale items on display.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get great deals but also help the children at Mountain States Children’s Home.  Look at the Calendar of Savings in this website menus for monthly and daily savings opportunities.

The Mountain States Children’s Home Thrift Store was created to help children.  With every donation and purchase, you are a part of improving a child’s life.  To find out more about Mountain States Children’s Home go to www.msch.org.

Beautiful-Clothing on Sale

Clothing Sales to Benefit You and Mountain States Children’s Home

We have sales on our clothing racks that are full and ready for shoppers looking for almost any design, size or type for many different occasions.  Beautiful new and gently worn donated clothing are ready for purchase.

Watch for sales coming off our regular price on our inventory of clothing.  On Saturday, August 5th there is 50% off on pieces with a WHITE tags and PINK tags are 25% off.   Men’s Clothing are 50% off the Regular Price.   Great deals for purchase to help children have a chance at the MSCH Thrift Store created to help children.

Remember to go to the Mountain States Children’s Home website at www.msch.org to find out more about Mountain States Children’s Home.   We thank our customers and donors for making the MSCH Thrift Store a popular place to Shop, Drop and Volunteer.

Father’s Day is June 18th

Shop for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is here so remember those special men in your lives by giving them a gift from the Mountain States Children’s Home Thrift Store.  We have clothing, shoes and tools to fit that father who has meant so much to you.

Stop by and check out the new inventory that continues to come into our shelves from donors who want to make a difference in the lives of children.   Know that each purchase is giving children the experience of a family who will guide and care for them.

Find out what Mountain States Children’s Home does for children at www.msch.org .

Thank you for your help through purchases and donations!  If you want to volunteer, positions are available.  Call 303-834-9510.

Something for Everyone

There really is Something for Everyone at the Mountain States Children’s Home Thrift Store.  The shelves are stocked with bargain items of all shapes and sizes.

More new and used items come to visit our store nearly everyday through donations which means that you also should come to visit and shop.

There are new and used lawnmowers to spruce up your yard.  Clothing and shoes for many sizes, genders and ages.  Furniture and decorating items for the home.

Children are important to us and we have books, toys and some summer fun items sure to brings smiles to the faces of the children in your life.

Remember that all your purchases and donations will help bring peace and a positive environment to children at Mountain States Children’s Home.  To find out more about Mountain States Children’s Home please visit http://www.msch.org

Honor Those Who Give Us Freedom

The Mountain States Children’s Home Thrift Store hopes that you can reflect on the brave men and women who give and have given their lives for the freedoms we  all can share.

We are so grateful and thankful for these who give us the hope for a secure life.

Summer Shopping is Here at the MSCH Thrift Store!

The Sun is Shining on the MSCH Thrift Store with donations of new and “cared for” clothing, shoes and other fashionable wear.

Furniture for that special place in the home is ready to be bought at a discount.  Children’s toys and books will make the summer a joyful time.

Many other items for the kitchen, room decor and other household needs are available for purchase.

Come purchase while helping give children a Chance for Change!

A Big “Thank You” to Our Community!

Our customers and donors have been amazing in our first few weeks after opening the store at our new location at 818 Coffman Street in Longmont.new-location-small

We have a larger area which gives us the opportunity to put more items on the floor so you can find exactly what you need.  Your shopping, dropping off donations and volunteering is important to our success in helping children at Mountain States Children’s Home.

Come by and see our new store … we think you will like it!


We are moving to a new location to 818 Coffman Street in Longmont.  This was where the ARES Thrift Store used to be.  This space is much larger than where we were on 233 Main Street with additional parking for our customers.


We plan on opening at the new location on Wednesday, September 28th but we will keep you posted.  As we convert to the new store space there will be some “moving in” conversion over to this new, remodeled store.  We ask for patience during this transition.

We want to continue to have our valuable customers, donors and volunteers help us as we help children through the store to fund programs at Mountain States Children’s Home.


Ebay Shopping Helps Support Through MSCH Thrift Store

ebayIf you are an Ebay shopper you can help us online too.  There are some nice items that you can purchase by visiting http://myworld.ebay.com/mtnstates_childrenshome.

This avenue of buying is important also.  You can go online and help support the children of Mountain States Children’s Home.  We like to see you drop by the store and shop at 233 Main Street, but by purchasing from Ebay you can still lend a hand in giving children the opportunity through our programs to move on in life.

Thank you for your help!

Mountain States Children's Home Thrift Store in Longmont, Colorado